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Welcome Freethinkers, you are not alone!  Whether you are a life long atheist, recently deconverted, skeptical about your religion or want to learn about atheists and humanists… start below to find a variety of resources.

Also visit our ASH Community page to see what we are up to.

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Welcome Believers of God Myths.  Here are some tough things to think about from the A.S.H. Community (Atheism, Secularism, Humanism) :


 Due to recent financial hardships I am now humbled into asking for donations for my ongoing/ past efforts and products. Thank you.  Donation Page

My list of #FF Suggestions for Twitter https://freeatheism.org/2014/02/21/ff/  … Note that list is incomplete but this twitter list is is pretty great: https://twitter.com/FreeAtheism/lists/favs-to-keep-tabs-on

This page lays out the variety:  My Common links/posts

Click Contact Me or mail to:  FreeAtheism@gmail.com   or on twitter @FreeAtheism 

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Free Atheism

  1. looking forward to seeing this blossom into a force for truth, equality and for what’s right….I am proud to be associated with this site and cause

  2. What an amazing site you have. I am excited to see reality, logic and common sense take over the illogical, faith-based religious way of life. I am sure that some Theists will start to question their “faith” by reading through your site and THAT is what it’s all about, really. I will learn from your site and then, maybe someday, be able to contribute to it!
    Thanks for the good work!

    • Thank you for the compliment! The idea for the site came to me when the atheist avengers chose to stick to only on call debate and i thought the team should be made of all skills, not just debaters supporting atheists… but all types of backgrounds being on call to help. So i developed the lists and tools to support that purpose.
      …im sure you are able to contribute… its just one bit of reason at a time. Thanks for the visit and comment! ~ Artie

  3. hey this is a good course ok. the light of this world is facts and reasons not baseless beliefs. go higher and create the awareness.

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