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Due to recent financial hardships I am now humbled into asking for donations for my ongoing/ past efforts and products. Thank you.  Donation Page

The Free Atheism site, from its inception, has been about the organizing of atheistic resources. celebrating the Atheist community and proclaiming how atheism is freedom.  The menu above links to comprehensive arrangements of freethinker multimedia, debate resources, news, upcoming events and variety of atheist lists for finding who you need and more.  New stuff below! 

Welcome Believers of God Myths: CLICK HERE

My list of #FF Suggestions for Twitter http://freeatheism.org/2014/02/21/ff/

Click Contact Me to  FreeAtheism@gmail.com   

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Free Atheism

  1. looking forward to seeing this blossom into a force for truth, equality and for what’s right….I am proud to be associated with this site and cause

  2. What an amazing site you have. I am excited to see reality, logic and common sense take over the illogical, faith-based religious way of life. I am sure that some Theists will start to question their “faith” by reading through your site and THAT is what it’s all about, really. I will learn from your site and then, maybe someday, be able to contribute to it!
    Thanks for the good work!

    • Thank you for the compliment! The idea for the site came to me when the atheist avengers chose to stick to only on call debate and i thought the team should be made of all skills, not just debaters supporting atheists… but all types of backgrounds being on call to help. So i developed the lists and tools to support that purpose.
      …im sure you are able to contribute… its just one bit of reason at a time. Thanks for the visit and comment! ~ Artie

  3. hey this is a good course ok. the light of this world is facts and reasons not baseless beliefs. go higher and create the awareness.

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